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Five Tips To Stop Puppy Biting

A new puppy is not always at peace because it sees people that it is not used to during other days and the only thing it can do is biting people around and items. It can be dangerous as it can bite too severely and become harmful. You should try and keep away from it if it bites and you have young children with you. Below are important things that will help you be able to stop puppy biting.

The worst thing to do to a new puppy in your home is scarring it . Whenever you try harming it the puppy might become wild. The appropriate way of dealing with it is talking to it by saying it to stop biting and walk away from it. You should not show it that you are friendly, but it just has to stop whatever it is doing. The puppy will be able to see that it has messed up and that you are annoyed with it.

Don’t make the puppy think that all the time it’s all about biting as that will make it keep biting. When you reduce the play, then it will reduce how much it is biting.

Let the puppy be coached so that it can behave the right way. The trainer what it takes to ensure that the puppy is behaving like the others. It will have other dogs around it, and it will be able to copy what other dogs are doing. The puppy will be able to recognize the dangerous and ethical behavior. Therefore it will be able to relate with other puppies.

In case the puppy is so playful then you should give it its toy to avoid damage. They always like biting as they want to sharpen their teeth and make them secure. When it starts biting the furniture show it that you are not happy with what it is doing and give it its toy to bite. This method will make the dog know that biting people and furniture is terrible and by that you will have controlled it.

Lastly whenever you see the puppy wanting to bite you then you should make an ouch sound and try as much as possible moving away from it. The dog will know that it feels pain when it bites, and humans are not to be bite. Once you allow the puppy to bite you once in a while, then it will always feel nice been around you. It is accepted to bite when playing but not to the extent of feeling pain. That will make the puppy know how to play nicely without biting too much. Let it bite so that it can sharpen its teeth and know who is not part of the family .

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