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Jakarta’s architecture reflects to a large extent the influx and has remained within this very important seaport city. Taman Fatahillah Restoration Project, begun in the early 70s has restored one of the earliest segments of Bunderan HI Jakarta City known as Old Batavia to about its initial state. The Old Portuguese Church and warehouse were rehabilitated into living museums. The former Supreme Court building is now a museum of fine arts, which houses part of the Chinese porcelain collection of former vice president Adam Malik. The old Town Hall became the Jakarta Museum, displaying these items that are rare as Indonesia’s old historic documents and period furniture.

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Its tower clock was formerly returned to England to be repaired under its life time warranty, which until now has already lasted centuries. In latest years, Jakarta has enlarged its facilities for visitors with luxury resorts, fine restaurants, thrilling nightlife and modern shopping facilities. It contains numerous attractions for tourist like Taman Mini Indonesia Indah, restored the buildings of the colonial period, the island hotels in the Pula Seribu, and a broad beach recreation complex. Beautiful Indonesia in Miniature Park popularly called TMII Taman Mini Indonesia Indah, constructed to depict the variety of cultures found inside the numerous islands contained in the Republic of Indonesia, this open air museum includes the numerous architectural kinds of artwork and customs of all Indonesia provinces.

It’s evidence of the nation’s motto of Unity in Diversity in addition to Freedom of Religion portrayed in the houses of worship built on the ground. Jakarta has maintained its past and is developing for the future. Skyscrapers at centre of the city are part of a brand new look. Modern luxury resorts today respond to discriminating visitors. Transport in the city is plentiful. Jakarta is center of the country’s industrial, political and cultural life. It’s home to many of the nation’s best research institutes, educational institutions, and cultural organizations. Jakarta is uniquely the chair of the national and also the regional authorities.

Throughout the last several decades, Jakarta has developed in one of Asia’s most notable centres. Today, the skyline of Jakarta is covered by high rises. The numerous state-of the art shopping facilities, recreation complexes and toll roads became hallmarks of the city. The standard of life and the overall welfare of its people have improved substantially with the city’s fast pace of development. The cultural richness and growth of jakarta contribute considerably to its growing importance as among the world’s leading capital cities.